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Diamond Shape ?

There are many popular shapes for diamonds although its Shape is very different from its Cut. A diamond shape is determined by its silhouette when ‘face up’.

A diamond shape is considered when it in its rough stage of development and our craftsmen and women decide what would be the optimum shape to cut given the diamonds inclusions, overall size and proportions.

Carat ?

Contrary to popular belief, a ‘Carat’ is the unit used to measure a diamond’s weight, not the diamond shape or size. The word Carat originates from a tree more commonly known as the Carob tree .

In ancient times, before scales and units of mass were invented, diamond traders compared the weight of a diamond to the seeds of the Carob tree.

Price ?

Not to worry, we don't believe the bigger rock means the bigger the love. We believe Values are the new value. If it is true love we know she or he will be happy with however much you spend :)

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